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Annual Sprinkler Care

Get The Most Out Of Your Sprinkler System

Are you tired of dealing with your sprinkler system all the time? Does it give you headaches having to turn on the sprinklers, adjust them regularly, and then turn them off at the end of the year? Is your current sprinkler service provider more trouble than they’re worth?

Sprinkler systems are supposed to be a hassle-free way to maintain a healthy green lawn despite the dry Colorado climate, but maintenance – and even some maintenance companies – can make your sprinkler system seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. But before you give up on your sprinkler system, see how NationScapes’ We’ve Got You Covered Sprinkler Care™ program can simplify your life. From turning on your sprinkler system in the spring to blowing it out in the fall, and everything in between, we can make sure your sprinkler works as it should every time.

Eliminate hassles, improve coverage, and get the most out of your sprinkler system with NationScapes, the premier sprinkler service provider in Colorado.

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We've Got You Covered Sprinkler Care™ Pricing

Our annual sprinkler care program comes in three levels:

  • The Basics – Activation and winterization of your system
  • We’ve Got You Covered – Activation, winterization and one mid-summer checkup
  • Complete Peace of Mind – Activation, winterization, and five monthly checkups

Pricing for each program is based on the number of zones in your sprinkler system.


  • 15 – 25% savings vs buying a la carte
  • Priority scheduling
  • Auto renewal to save you time

Note: We’ve Got You Covered Sprinkler Care programs do not include any costs for repairs, modifications, or upgrades, which will be charged at an additional price for parts, materials, and labor.

Annual sprinkler care programs renew on January 1st each year, unless canceled beforehand.

System Activation Includes

System activation in the spring is included in all annual sprinkler care programs. We will do everything necessary to make sure your sprinkler system is working properly when it starts up in the spring. This includes:

  • Activation and evaluation of primary water supply
  • Zone by zone, head by head, and nozzle by nozzle evaluation of your system’s working condition
  • Backflow evaluation
  • Valve and manifold evaluation
  • Controller programming
  • Recommendations for any adjustments and repairs to consider

We will turn on and evalualate you water source whether it is located inside or outside, and we will check to make sure each zone, head and nozzle is working properly. We will evaluate your backflow valve for damage. We will make sure your manifold is in good shape and test the function of the valves. As necessary, we will adjust each nozzle or head to avoid wasteful and annoying overspray or dry spots. We don’t just evaluate turf zones, we will check your drip zones for flower and vegetable gardens for major or obvious leaks. Basic valuation of drip zones does not include checking every single plant, but it does include evaluation of the zones for obvious leaks.

We will then program your controller to correspond to local watering restrictions in your community. We will talk to you about the best watering practices most likely to keep your lawn and plants healthy.

When necessary, we will recommend repairs or upgrades that might improve the function of the system. The cost of repairs or upgrades are not included in the annual sprinkler care plan.

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Mid-Season Checks Include

Mid-season checks are included in the We’ve Got You Covered and Complete Peace of Mind plans. They are not included in The Basics plan.

The goal of mid-season checks is to ensure your system continues functioning as we had set it up. This check includes:

  • Activation and evaluation of primary water supply
  • Zone by zone, head by head, and nozzle by nozzle evaluation of your system’s working condition
  • Backflow evaluation
  • Valve and manifold evaluation
  • Controller programming
  • Recommendations for any adjustments and repairs to consider

Sprinkler heads can wear out over time, and if they wear out from use, our mid-season check will find them. We will also be able to tell you if any of your sprinkler heads have come out of proper adjustment or if they have been damaged by people, animals, pressure, or other factors. Your drip zone might also need adjustment once your garden is in. Adjusting your controller for seasonal changes (such as the increased heat of high summer) can help ensure your lawn, flowers, and garden all stay healthy all summer long.

We will identify any needed repairs or recommended upgrades, but the cost of repairs or upgrades is not included in the annual sprinkler care program.

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Winterization is included in all annual sprinkler care programs. Proper winterization is essential to avoiding damage to your sprinkler system during the cold Colorado winters. We make sure your system will be safe over the winter. This includes:

  • Deactivation of primary water supply
  • Removal of most water from the backflow, main line, lateral lines, manifold, valves, and heads
  • Our winterizations include a warranty against any freeze damage to your sprinkler system

We will turn off the water supply to your sprinkler system at all appropriate shut off points. Then we will remove water your system as appropriate. Often, this will mean blowing out your sprinkler lines. However, not all sprinkler systems are designed to be blown out. We will evaluate your system and follow the recommended procedures to eliminate water from it.

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Why Choose NationScapes for Your Annual Sprinkler Care

Your sprinkler system should help you enjoy a healthy, worry-free lawn and garden. It should save you time. NationScapes can eliminate the hassles of dealing with a sprinkler system. We get rid of the nuisance of overspray and dry spots. You’ll also never have to worry that an improperly winterized sprinkler could get damaged – or damage pipes in your home.

You can trust NationScapes because we have a highly experienced team. Everyone on our team has at least ten years of experience working with sprinklers. Many have been working with sprinklers for over 25 years. We attract and retain the best talent in sprinklers by treating them right.

Our people also know how to treat you right. They are polite, prompt, and professional. They will get your work done on time or give you a clear explanation what changed to prevent them from finishing and give you a new timetable.

With their experience, our people are experts at handling situations just like yours. They will take the time to understand your problem and suggest a solution that meets your needs. We are great listeners and creative thinkers: we’ll find solutions to problems that many sprinkler companies can’t even understand.

We are one of the few companies that focuses exclusively on sprinklers. We bring expertise that exceeds that of our competitors. Our expertise has taught us the value of using quality materials and best practices to get a job done right. Even if our initial work might be more expensive, it’s a fair price for what you get. Our work can save you money over the long term and even add resale value to your home.

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