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Denver Sprinkler Service

We Are Sprinkler Experts

Do you have a sprinkler system that you are tired of messing with? Have you had a bad experience with sprinkler services in the past? Let NationScapes handle your sprinklers. We are Denver’s sprinkler experts, a dedicated sprinkler company. Don’t trust your system to a gardener or landscaper who “can handle” sprinklers. Choose a specialist company with the expertise to really understand your system.

Whether your system is complicated or quirky, brand-new or battle-hardened, our sprinkler experts are prepared to take it on. All our technicians have at least 10 years of experience working with sprinklers. Some of our experts have been working on sprinklers for more than 25 years.

But we don’t just know sprinklers. We understand that it’s the people who really matter in sprinkler service, so we’re focused on customer care. Polite, professional, and prompt, we will show up on time and finish the job when quoted – or give a good explanation why not. We treat your yard with care, avoiding damage to grass and other plants, even when installing new sprinkler lines.

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Don’t give up more weekends fighting with your sprinkler system this year. Choose Denver’s leading experts in sprinkler service.

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NationScapes Sprinkler Service

We offer our Denver clients a full range of sprinkler care to ensure they have a worry-free and hassle-free sprinkler experience every year. Here are some of the services we offer.

Annual Sprinkler Care +

Want to get sprinkler care completely off your “to-do” list? Choose our annual sprinkler care service. Our We’ve Got You Covered Sprinkler Care™ program includes it all. From turning on your sprinklers in the spring to shutting them down in the fall, along with several service visits in between, we’ll take complete care of your sprinklers

Sprinkler Turn On +

Don’t just turn on your sprinkler and hope for the best. Let NationScapes check your system over to avoid unpleasant surprises during spring sprinkler system activation.

Sprinkler Service & Repair +

Is your sprinkler system not working properly? Think before you call an inexperienced sprinkler company. NationScapes’ sprinkler experts can identify and repair sprinkler problems faster than many companies can even figure out what kind of system you have.

New Sprinkler Installation +

Whether your current system is just a hose and nozzle or it’s a relic of a bygone era, you might be looking for a new sprinkler system. Let NationScapes install a new sprinkler system. Our delicate touch lets us put in your new system with minimum disturbance to your existing plants.

Sprinkler Blowout +

It’s important to winterize your system to avoid damage to the system from freezing water. NationScapes effectively and safely blows out your system. We also back up our sprinkler blowout work with a warranty against freezing damage.

Denver’s Neighborhood Sprinkler Service

Denver’s neighborhoods are diverse in character and personality, but they all have a strong sense of community pride. Essential to that pride is the well-maintained lawns and gardens that give Denver its century-old reputation as a garden city.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has the challenge to represent not just for the city, but the state. Citizens depend on hard-working sprinkler systems to make their sometimes-small plots of land compete favorably with the lavish gardens of Civic Center Park.

Uptown (North Capitol Hill)

Outside of Downtown, no place in Denver is more challenged for green space than Uptown. But what this neighborhood lacks in the size of its lawn, it makes up for in lushness. Avoiding water waste on pavement requires well-managed sprinkler systems.


Despite its name, this neighborhood has seen its ups and downs, and current residents want to make sure it stays up. Part of the strategy is using sprinkler systems to keep lawns and gardens, though relatively small, as attractive as any in the city.


Baker, the flip side of Denver’s Golden Triangle, is an up-and-coming neighborhood that is growing in prestige almost as fast as its sprinkler-fed gardens.

Cherry Creek

With the possible exception of Capitol Hill, no neighborhood in Denver has as much of a reputation to uphold as Cherry Creek. No brown lawns allowed combined with large lots mean that residents depend heavily on their sprinkler systems.

Five Points

Despite its fractious history, Five Points has become one of Denver’s great neighborhoods. Classic homes with long-neglected gardens are re-greening thanks to the installation of new sprinkler systems across the neighborhood.

Washington Park

Wash Park lives up to its name, with huge swaths of public green space from end to end of this neighborhood. The public green space raises the stakes for homeowners, who need the best sprinkler systems to maintain the green on their own properties.

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Denver’s Sprinkler Experts

From Bear Valley to Montbello, Regis to Hampden, NationScapes is Denver’s leading sprinkler service provider. Don’t depend on someone who claims they can do sprinklers. Trust someone with a track record of successful sprinkler service. Trust Nationscapes.

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