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New Sprinkler Installation

Steady Watering with a New Sprinkler System Installed by NationScapes

The health and beauty of your lawn requires steady watering. The Denver metro area is a high-altitude desert, and the clay soil common here absorbs water slowly, making it hard to design a system that delivers the right amount of water to your lawn. Plus, with water rates constantly rising, you don’t want a wasteful system that isn’t supplying your lawn’s needs.

NationScapes has been solving the Denver metro area’s watering problems for decades. We know how to build reliable, efficient sprinkler systems that can serve your needs – and your lawn’s needs – for decades to come. Whether you’re looking to install your first sprinkler system or replace an existing system, NationScapes can ensure your new system effectively and efficiently provides water for your grass, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.

What Sets Our New Sprinkler Installations Apart

Sprinkler System Installation

When you choose NationScapes for your new sprinkler installation, you will enjoy a process and a product unlike anything other companies offer. With NationScapes, you will get:

  • Water-saving heads and nozzles
  • A smart sprinkler controller
  • Durable main and lateral lines with a lifetime warranty
  • Copper manifolds – not plastic – with a lifetime warranty
  • Freeze-resistant backflow preventers designed for Colorado’s climate
  • Invisible installation
  • A system designed for pressure and volume at your property, ensuring it functions as designed
  • A full set of plans that details precise specifications and locations of all components
  • A minimum of 5-year warranty on all parts and workmanship

Our systems are designed to ensure your system fulfills all the water needs of your landscaping. Lawns, gardens, hedges, and more will get all the water they need, eliminating the hassle of watering with hoses. They will give you the confidence of long-lasting components with few repair needs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Water-Saving Heads and Nozzles

We exclusively use heads and nozzles with unique, multi-facing rotating streams. These deliver water at a steady rate. We will test the soil at your site and select the nozzles that deliver water at the rate best suited for optimal water absorption. This means your lawn and garden will get all the water that they need, without soggy spots, runoff, and waste.

Enjoy a healthy lawn, with up to 30% less water usage than traditional systems.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

We will install your system with a smart controller that ensures the system only comes on when conditions are right for watering.

We work with Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers. This is a Colorado company who understands the challenges posed by our variable weather, difficult soil, and plant diversity. Rachio controllers are industry-leading WiFi-enabled smart systems. They use real-time weather data to decide how much to water – whether you need more or less water – or none at all today.

The innovative smart technology lets you program water amounts based on the plant types in your yard, your soil type, sun exposure, and additional characteristics of your property. While you can access this system with your smartphone and program it yourself, we can also program it for you. We want to ensure your sprinkler system is a time-saver, not a time-sucker.

Invisible Installation

Most sprinkler companies will show up at your property with a trencher, backhoe, or excavator. They will tear up your lawn and your landscaping, assuring you that it will all heal. This approach leads to unsightly gashes in your lawn, as well as mud scattered through your grass, which can make your lawn less attractive and enjoyable for months – or years – after the installation. Sometimes this approach leaves your lawn with lumps and sumps that can cause uneven watering.

NationScapes knows you want your sprinkler system to improve your enjoyment of your landscaping. You don’t want to lose enjoyment of it for years, months, weeks, or even days. We want you to get out and enjoy your lawn soon after your system is installed. That’s why we use a trenchless method to install your sprinkler system. A vibratory plow lets us pull pipe below the surface of your lawn. There will be little visible damage, and no long-term disruption to your landscape. Standing on your porch, you might not be able to tell we’ve done anything, until your new, efficient sprinklers come on.

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A Truly Custom System for Your Property

In our decades serving the Denver metro area, we have learned that if we want to really know the conditions at your property, we have to go to your property. When designing your system, we won’t rely on specifications and surveys that might be a century old. We will go to your property and measure everything we need to know to ensure your sprinkler system works properly.

Water Pressure & Flow

We will test the actual water pressure and flow rate at your property. Then we’ll design a system that works with what your water supply delivers.

Because your custom system will be truly unique, we want to make sure you have information about what is in your system. We will provide you with a plan that provides detailed specifications and locations for all components.

Choose a Sprinkler Company Dedicated to Your Long-Term Satisfaction

NationScapes delivers sprinkler systems designed for the long-haul. We have been around for decades, and we plan to be installing sprinkler systems in the Denver metro area for decades more. We can only survive over the long-term by consistently providing quality work that lives up to our promises. We’re not looking to make a quick buck, then be out of town or retired when problems arise.

It’s not just our company that’s been around for decades. Our technicians have a average of ten years’ experience in sprinkler work, and many have been working on sprinklers for 25+ years. We understand when innovations improve your system, and when a good, old-fashioned approach can yield better results for you.

We also take the time to listen to your desires for your system. We don’t just design a system based on numbers, we want a system that takes care of all the problems as you see them, one that will help you enjoy your lawn and garden for as long as you call your house a home.

Benefits to You

To learn more about the benefits of getting a new sprinkler system from NationScapes, please call 303-934-9130 or use our online form today.

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