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Sprinkler Irrigation

Irrigation Using Sprinklers

Sprinkler irrigation represents a common method of watering plants and lawns in residential, agricultural, and domestic settings. Ideally, this irrigation method mimics the natural distribution of water via rain. However, sprinkler irrigation is not always the best approach for watering your plants or lawn.

At NationScapes, we’ve been helping people in the Denver area design effective, efficient sprinkler systems since 1947. We can help you assess your irrigation needs to determine whether a sprinkler system is the best approach for you. Please call 303-934-9130 or use our online form today to start your sprinkler design process today.

Advantages of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler irrigation is widely chosen for both agricultural and residential use because it offers many advantages. People like that sprinkler irrigation:

  • Can effectively cover large lawns, fields, and/or gardens
  • Distributes water evenly
  • Allows for precise control of water
  • Allows for a high degree of automation
  • Doesn’t have a large footprint in your yard
  • Is adaptable to all types of soil

Sprinkler irrigation is popular first and foremost because it lets people easily water the largest lawns, fields, and gardens. A properly designed irrigation system can distribute water evenly and precisely throughout the watered area, ensuring that all plants get the amount of water they need.

What makes sprinkler irrigation especially popular for residential use is the high degree of automation possible. Installing a sprinkler system lets homeowners program their system and essentially forget about watering all summer long. A year-long sprinkler maintenance program helps ensure the system keeps functioning and delivering the right amount of water.

Sprinkler systems don’t take up much space in your yard. Most of the sprinkler system can be buried underground (common for residential systems) or aboveground (common for agricultural pivot-based systems).

Sprinkler irrigation systems can also adapt to all types of soil, although the system designer and installer must understand the soil properties and sprinkler capabilities for maximum effectiveness.

Disadvantages of Sprinkler Irrigation

However, sprinkler irrigation does have some disadvantages. Some of the challenges of sprinkler irrigation include:

  • Difficulty supplying different amounts of water to plants in the same irrigation zone
  • Overspray creates waste
  • Wind and heat can lead to misdistribution, evaporation, and waste
  • Over-applying water for soil type can lead to overflow and waste
  • Sprinkler components vulnerable to damage from freezing water

Fortunately, it’s easy to overcome these difficulties with proper sprinkler system design. Sprinkler system design can use overlapping sprinkler patterns to supply more water where needed. Use of different sprinkler system zones and irrigation methods can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

A well-designed sprinkler system reduces or eliminates overspray. Applying water during the cooler parts of the day reduces loss to evaporation. Lower-arc sprinklers can reduce windblown loss in windy areas. Sprinkler system design based on the specific properties of local soil reduces overflow.

Sprinkler lines, heads, and manifolds often retain residual water between uses. In freezing conditions, this water can expand, damaging the components. Proper winterization of the system, including sprinkler blowout, eliminates this risk.

Considering Sprinkler Irrigation in Denver?

If you are considering installing sprinkler irrigation in the Denver Metro area, talk to NationScapes, Denver’s dedicated sprinkler specialists. Since 1947, NationScapes has helped Denverites use their water efficiently and effectively for healthy lawns, trees, shrubs, and gardens.

We have built our 75-year legacy by prioritizing long-term relationships with our customers. At every interaction, we provide you with great results and great customer service – we want to be your go-to sprinkler company for years and decades to come. We never install a sprinkler component with less than a 5-year warranty (and many have much longer warranties) because we want your sprinkler system to serve you for as long as you live in your home.

Our sprinkler technicians are the recognized local experts on all aspects of sprinkler system design. They have a minimum of ten years of experience in sprinkler work, and some have more than 25 years of experience. They’ve seen and overcome essentially all the challenges that can face a sprinkler irrigation system.

To get started with sprinkler irrigation design, please call 303-934-9130 or use our online form today to schedule a consultation.