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Sprinkler Winterization

Winterization of Sprinkler System

People love Colorado’s seasons. Everyone has a favorite, and for many people it’s winter. Enough cold weather to feel like a winter and enough snow to allow for high country winter sports, but without the ongoing deep freeze that shuts down many parts of the country to the north and east.

However, Colorado winters are still hard enough to damage your sprinkler system if you don’t properly winterize it. Let Denver’s sprinkler specialists at NationScapes safely prepare your sprinkler system for winter. Since 1947, we’ve been helping people in the Denver Metro area winterize their sprinklers so they can function effectively year after year. Please call 303-934-9130 or use our online form today to request sprinkler winterization.

Winterization Services

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Winterization Package Pricing

Why Winterize Your Sprinkler System

When water freezes, it expands. If you’ve ever left a can of soda or a bottle of beer in the freezer too long, you’ve probably observed how this happens. If you’re lucky, the can of soda might have just deformed when it froze, but the beer bottle likely cracked.

Both types of effects can happen when water freezes in your sprinkler system.

Some components can break, leading to immediate failure and leaks. Others might be deformed and weaken. These components might not work right next year or might fail under pressure when you use your sprinklers.

Parts of the sprinkler that are vulnerable to damage include:

  • Sprinkler backflow valve
  • Main sprinkler line
  • Lateral sprinkler lines
  • Sprinkler valves
  • Sprinkler manifold
  • Sprinkler heads

In addition, water that freezes in your sprinkler lines can lead to interior plumbing damage that causes flooding and damage to your home. Winterizing your sprinkler system is necessary maintenance. That’s why we include it in our annual sprinkler care programs. We also give priority scheduling to our annual sprinkler care customers, helping ensure they don’t suffer when an early frost strikes the Denver Metro area.

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What’s Included in Sprinkler Winterization Services

When you hire NationScapes to winterize your sprinkler system in Denver, we will:

  • Deactivate the water supply
  • Drain water from your system
  • Warranty your sprinkler system against freeze damage

It’s important to deactivate the water supply from your sprinkler system. Otherwise, water will flow back into the system and freeze.

Draining water from your sprinkler system usually means sprinkler blowout. However, not all sprinkler systems are designed for blowout clearing. We’ll evaluate your system to determine the best clearing method to safely remove all water.

We stand behind our work with a full warranty against freeze damage to your sprinkler system.

Why DIY Sprinkler Winterization Might Be a Bad Idea

There are certainly some people capable of sprinkler winterization, but if you’re not sure, it’s best to let a professional handle it. We commonly see the following results of people trying to winterize their sprinklers:

  • Last-minute need because they didn’t get around to winterization
  • Damage to sprinkler system


  • Damage to plumbing
  • Inadequate water removal
  • Injury

You’re busy and adding sprinkler winterization to your task list sometimes means it doesn’t get done in time. We often have people calling us last-minute because they didn’t get around to winterization.

Most home air compressors supply too much pressure and not enough volume to properly blow out a sprinkler system. This means that it’s relatively common for a DIY sprinkler blowout to both damage the sprinkler system and fail to remove enough water from the system. It can even concentrate water in some areas, making it more likely to cause damage. In addition, the high air pressure can cause sprinkler parts and fragments to fly into the air, causing injury.

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Winterization Services

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Winterization Package Pricing

Why Choose NationScapes for Your Sprinkler Winterization in Denver

NationScapes is one of the oldest and most respected sprinkler companies in the Denver Metro area. Since 1947, we’ve been helping people in the area to install, repair, maintain, and protect their sprinkler systems. While none of our original sprinkler techs are still working, we do have several sprinkler technicians with 25 years of experience working on sprinklers. In fact, all of our sprinkler technicians have an average of 10 years of experience.

We have lasted 75 years in this business by focusing on long-term relationships with our customers. We provide you with great customer service at every interaction because we plan on working with you for all the years – even decades – that you will be using your sprinkler system.

To learn how our outstanding customer service can improve your sprinkler system experience, please call 303-934-9130 or use our online contact form today to order sprinkler winterization or sign up for our annual sprinkler care program.