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Sprinkler Turn On

How to Turn On Sprinkler System

Effective, Efficient Operation

Turning on your sprinkler system in the spring should be about more than just turning on the water. If you do just turn on the water and hope for the best, you might get an unpleasant surprise when your sprinkler system comes on for the first time. It’s important to do a thorough check of the system in case it suffered damage over the winter.

At NationScapes, our Sprinklers Done Right™ service approach means we always take steps to ensure the effective, efficient operation of your sprinkler system. That includes taking all the proper steps when turning your sprinkler on in the spring. It you need help getting your sprinkler system activated, please call 303-934-9130 for rapid service or use our online form to schedule an activation in advance.

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Sprinkler Turn On Included Steps

Our thorough approach to activating your sprinkler system helps ensure the system is ready and functioning properly for the sprinkler season. We will:

  • Activation and evaluation of primary water supply
  • Zone by zone, head by head, and nozzle by nozzle evaluation of your system’s working condition
  • Backflow evaluation
  • Valve and manifold evaluation
  • Controller programming
  • Recommendations for any adjustments and repairs to consider

All these steps are included in our single activation cost. They are also included as part of our annual sprinkler maintenance programs. However, if we find that your system needs repairs or upgrades, we will invoice those separately. Then you can decide which sprinkler repairs or upgrades (if any) you want to pursue.

Activate and Evaluate Sprinkler Water Supply

In most cases, activating the water to your sprinkler is a simple affair. There will be one or two cutoff valves that you know about. If we’ve activated your system before, we’ll have notes of where to look. However, if you had a different service before, it might take us time to find the supply valve.

We will perform a quick visual inspection of any interior pipes to make sure there is no visible damage that could lead to destructive leaks inside your home.

Evaluate the Working Condition of Your System

We will make sure your entire system is working properly. Our thorough inspection will look at the entire system, nozzle by nozzle, head by head and zone by zone. That means you can be sure that your system will function properly when it comes on. When you hear them turn on in the morning, you can confidently go back to sleep.

Backflow Valve Evaluation

Your backflow valve keeps water from the sprinkler system from flowing back into the house pipes. Unfortunately, with many systems this is a vulnerable component, liable to break – designed to break, in fact. We make sure this is undamaged over the winter and ready for operation at the start of spring.

Valves and Manifold Evaluation

The manifold is a complicated component that divides the water flow into the separate sprinkler zones, and the valves control the flow of water to the zones. These are prone to breakage. Old plastic manifolds degrade over time, and the electrical controls on valves can get fouled by water.

Nozzle and Head Adjustment

An efficiently designed system will ensure complete coverage of your yard with minimal overlap. To maintain this coverage, it’s important that all sprinkler nozzles and heads are adjusted. Otherwise, you will get dry spots and overspray. Sprinklers can easily come out of adjustment, so it’s good check them regularly.

Drip Zone Evaluation

Drip zones are effective ways to water flowers, vegetables, and other gardens. However, they can be disrupted if they don’t have the proper pressure balance, lines get broken, lines get separated, or components get knocked out of place.

Controller Programming

It can be hard to program your controller properly. New systems are sophisticated and have many options necessary to get them optimized.

Old systems might not have many options, but the controls can be poorly marked and hard to understand. Even if we’re not familiar with your system, we have access to all the old manuals. Not only that, but some of our technicians have more than 25 years’ experience – they remember when the system was state-of-the-art. They know how to operate the system the way you still remember closing procedures at your first job.

Recommendations for Repairs or Upgrades

In the process of setting up your system for spring, we will let you know if we come across anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, or if there’s a valuable opportunity to upgrade your system.

We aren’t pushy about these. We’ll help you understand what’s most important, what can easily be postponed, and what’s entirely optional. Then we’ll tell you, in plain language, the consequences of not performing repairs so that you can make an informed decision. It’s always your decision.

Each repair recommendation comes with a clearly invoiced cost – repairs are not included in the sprinkler turn on service. Check here to see full terms and conditions.

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Our Sprinklers Done Right™ Pledge to You

Nationscapes is one of the few dedicated sprinkler companies in the Denver Metro Area. We aren’t landscapers or plumbers who dabble in sprinklers – we specialize in sprinklers. It’s what we do. We’ve been helping people in the greater Denver area solve their sprinkler problems for more than 75 years. NationScapes has lasted so long because we believe in always doing a job right. Our Sprinklers Done Right™ service approach is our pledge that you will not only get great results from your service, but you will have the best possible experience.

We bring our extensive expertise to your sprinkler turn on. Most of our technicians have at least 10 years’ experience in sprinklers, and some have been working with sprinklers for more than 40 years.

When you call our office for help, we will be friendly and take the time to understand your problem. If it’s urgent, we’ll take it seriously, and prioritize your work.

We always reach out to communicate with you about your service. We can call, text or email – whichever you prefer. We’ll remind you before we come over, let you know the progress on your service, and tell you immediately if anything isn’t going as expected.

If you choose a Sprinkler Care Plan, we will take care of everything. There are no calls, hassles, or attempts to sell you services or components you don’t need. When you have a Sprinkler Care Plan, we’ll even proactively schedule turn ons and blowouts according to the weather, which in Colorado can be unpredictable. It’s better to have this scheduled in advance than be scrambling to find someone to do this at the last minute.

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