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Terms & Conditions

Annual Sprinkler Maintenance Program Terms & Conditions

Included Services

The NationScapes annual maintenance program includes only the services that are selected at the time of payment which include activation, mid-season check, and winterization.  Payment given for this service only includes evaluation of the system condition and settings.  It does not include any additional service time for repairs or any parts that may be required to maintain or repair the system. We will provide you with an estimate for any additional recommended service or repairs.  At your sole discretion, you may direct us proceed with recommended repairs based on the estimate given.  While we will make every effort to perform these repairs while we are at your location, it may not be possible to perform the repairs at that time due to scheduling conflicts, availability of parts, or many other factors at NationScapes sole discretion. Should this be the case, we will make every effort to reschedule a time with you so that the repairs can be made.

Auto Renewal

The NationScapes annual sprinkler maintenance program will automatically renew on January 1st of each year unless NationScapes is provided with a written or verbal notice to cancel prior to December 31st each year.  Upon the renewal date your payment method on file with NationScapes will be charged for the service renewal.  The automatic renewal will also carry a 4.00% base pricing increase each year that the annual sprinkler maintenance program renews. This increase is meant to cover rising wage, fuel, and other costs that are instrumental in providing this service.

System Owner Not Present

NationScapes will provide you with an appointment for all services to be provided under the annual maintenance program.  We will provide email and text message (if you opt in) reminders prior to the scheduled service date.  In the event NationScapes arrives at your location to perform the service and you are not available to meet NationScapes, you will be charged a $199.99 service fee to your method of payment on file.  In addition, it will be the sole responsibility of the system owner to reschedule the service.  We cannot predict the volume of customers that we may be serving at a particular time of the year, however, we will make every effort to reschedule as soon as our availability and routing will allow.