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Sprinkler Service & Repair

Sprinkler Repair Service

Beautiful Healthy Lawns

Beautiful, healthy lawns depend on getting enough water. This is a challenge in the high-altitude desert climate of the Denver metro area, and the clay soil covering most of the Front Range doesn’t help, either. NationScapes understands these challenges, and our team of experienced professionals is prepared to respond quickly when your current irrigation system isn’t working. No matter what type of system you have, we can evaluate it to hunt down and fix some of the most elusive problems that other companies might overlook or be unable to repair.


We're Ready to Help

If your sprinkler system is leaking, won’t turn on, or is leaving dry spots in your lawn, NationScapes is ready to help. Please call 303-934-9130 for urgent repairs, or use our online form to contact us about issues that don’t need immediate attention.

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Common Sprinkler Repairs

Our technicians have an average of ten years’ experience in the sprinkler industry, and many of them have been working on sprinklers for 25+ years. We can deal with any type of problem from a “quick fix” to a complicated overhaul of the system. (And, believe us, many things are quick fixes for us that can take other companies hours to track down – hours they will charge you for.)

We come prepared to handle many problems, including:

  • Troubleshooting wiring issues
  • Leak repairs
  • Root pinches
  • Upgrading your system with nozzle conversions
  • Controller upgrades
  • Valve and manifold replacements
  • Backflow preventer maintenance and replacement
  • Zone and head additions and retrofits
  • Sprinkler pump diagnostics
  • Outside tap replacement (Stop & Waste)
  • Drip system repairs

We can also come prepared to deal with specific issues upon request.

Sprinkler Repairs We Help With

Troubleshooting Wiring Issues

Electricity and water are not good friends. However, your sprinkler system needs both to function properly. Wiring problems can be hard to track down, especially for inexperienced technicians. It takes training and experience to isolate and repair wiring problems, especially on older irrigation systems.

Leak Repairs

Leaks in your sprinkler system can be hard to isolate. They can manifest in subtle ways. For example, a dry spot in one part of the lawn might be due to a leak under what seems like normal, healthy grass. Or leaks can be dramatic, shooting water into the air every time your sprinkler comes on. We can deal with any leak, large or small.

Root Pinch

It’s nice to have trees for shade on hot summer days, but tree roots will permeate the soil for a long distance around the tree. The roots can constrict or break your sprinkler lines, causing leaks or preventing water from getting to some heads.

Nozzle Conversions

Your system may have been installed with nozzles that are not suited to your yard. They may not provide adequate coverage, or they might put out more water than your lawn can absorb, leading to leakage and waste. Others may just be problematic, getting worn and clogged too quickly. You might have one broken nozzle but decide to replace them all to avoid future problems. We can replace and upgrade your sprinkler nozzles.

Controller Upgrades

Old controllers have limited functionality. You might have a limited number of programs you can put in – or no programmability at all. We can upgrade your controller to allow for more programs, more functions, and smarter functions. With the latest technology, your sprinkler can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to turn on the sprinkler system remotely, monitor water use, and take advantage of other functions.

Valve and Manifold Replacement

The manifold is where the water gets diverted to the different zones of your sprinkler system, and it’s controlled with multiple valves. When zones won’t turn on, or won’t turn off, you might need to replace an individual valve or perhaps the manifold. Manifold and valve leaks are often highly visible – they can flood around the manifold box.

Backflow Preventer Maintenance and Replacement

Backflow preventers keep water from coming back out of your system into your house pipes. They are vital, but they can be problematic, especially since they are often designed to break strategically to prevent indoor pipes from freezing. Finding the precise replacement backflow valve can be difficult.

Zone and Head Additions and Retrofits

A common shortcut for making systems cheaper is not installing enough sprinkler heads for coverage. The original system might not have enough zones to give you good control over your watering patterns. Or perhaps you’ve changed your landscaping and need to update your system to reflect new land use.

Sprinkler Pump Diagnostics

Water pumps give you an independent water supply, but it also makes maintenance of the system critical. When your pump isn’t delivering water, it needs urgent attention. We have experience with a wide range of pump systems, from the most recent to some very vintage models.

Outside Tap Replacement

Outside taps are a vulnerable part of the home water system, and if they’re not cared for, they can be damaged. Other times, they can simply wear out and need to be replaced, which can require significant plumbing repairs inside the home and out.

Drip System Repairs

Drip systems are an efficient approach to watering flower and vegetable gardens, as well as shrubs and bushes. However, you have to set them up carefully to ensure the proper pressure flows through the lines. If your drip system isn’t working, we can track down the problem and get it repaired.

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Spring Activation

Another common call we get for sprinkler service is activating your system in the spring. When we activate your system, we will perform:

  • Activation and evaluation of primary water supply
  • Zone by zone, head by head, and nozzle by nozzle evaluation of your system’s working condition
  • Backflow evaluation
  • Valve and manifold evaluation
  • Controller programming
  • Recommendations for any adjustments and repairs to consider


All of this is included in the cost of spring activation, and is included in our annual sprinkler care plans. However, the cost of any repairs or upgrades is not included in the activation service.

Why Choose NationScapes for Your Sprinkler Service

At NationScapes, we understand that sprinkler problems can need urgent attention. We are prepared to come out and give your system the attention it needs with all due haste.

We are a specialty sprinkler company. Sprinklers are what we do, and that lets us build our expertise beyond what many landscapers or plumbers might offer. In addition, our technicians have an average of 10 years’ experience, and many of them have worked on sprinklers for 25+ years. We’ve seen it all, and that helps us track down your problem quickly and fix it right the first time. We know the solutions that are available with the latest technology, and we can come up with creative solutions to your problem other companies might not know about or think of.

We are also dedicated to ensuring that you are truly happy with your sprinkler system and its repair. We will talk to you about what really matters to you, and we’ll design a solution that fixes the problem as you see it, not just the technical malfunction. If this means upgrading parts of your system, we are prepared to do that for you.

We use the best materials and latest technologies when working on your system. We know this might be a little more expensive up-front, but we are confident we always give our customers great value. Your investment in your sprinkler system will pay for itself in reduced water usage, long-lasting function, and the satisfaction of having a beautifully watered lawn.

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To learn how NationScapes can solve your sprinkler system problems, please call 303-934-9130 for urgent service or use our online contact form for less time-sensitive requests.

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